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Web Development

Having a strong website is essential for business growth. This relates to all the businesses out there. Not just the ones that sell products online. Our experience team builds solutions that are unique and fully optimised for web. This means that our projects have unique designs that are tailored to each of our customers need while making sure that the code used to create the website is performance optimised in order to help our clients rank higher on google.

Web Development

Web Design

Our team will create a beautiful and unique design for each of our clients. While the design process is in progress we make sure to design components specifically to match our clients needs. Each of our websites is designed with user experience in mind. We work out the best ways to provide website visitors with an unforgettable experience to help make our clients stand out. While we work out the best user experience we also incorporate sales driven elements into our designs in order to encourage website visitors to become full time clients. This sales/user experience balance is key to help businesses grow online.



Website Performance

Website performance is extremely important to us. Websites that have 2 seconds and above delay on page load tent to see an increased bounce rates meaning that these business lost potential customers before the website even loads up. At Conficius we fight this problem and make sure that all our websites where possible are below a 2 second load time. Upon completion of the website build we run performance tests and make sure that the website is optimised to the fullest. How do we improve performance scores?


Great question! Our development teams uses the least amount of plugins on the website possible. Where we can we write our own custom code that is much more optimised than any plugins you could have on a website. This however, is not always the case as we respect our clients request if they do have specific plugins they want on the website. But for most case scenarios we communicate well with our clients and agree on both sides to go down the custom code route improving the sites scores.


There are many benefits to having a well optimised site. One being that clients are more likely to stick around and read about your services or products. A second key factor is that google will typically rank your website much higher in google search engine. This will increase the traffic to your website and open your businesses to potential new customers enabling your business growth for free!




We offer a range of e-commerce websites as part of our services. Typically we work with either WooCommerce or Shopify to create custom build e-commerce websites to our clients who wish to sell products online. Both of these platforms are extremely well suited to build an online store and our team of experts will help you to chose the best suited platform to your needs. As for our payment gateway we usually recommend working with Stripe. Stripe is highly capable payment processor that will make running an online store very simple.

Search Engine Optimisation

Our development team approach the projects with SEO in mind. As a digital agency we understand the importance of SEO better than anyone. Our developers always use the latest standards and best practices when developing our clients websites. Following the development process we put the website through a series of tests before going live with the website. These tests allow us to find any weak points on the site such as broken links, wrong use of heading tags and many more possible problems that could come up. With this knowledge we are able to fix any potential issues and give our clients the best possible scores on the google speed insights.




WordPress website have became extremely popular within the last decade. This is because the CMS is user friendly and is much more cost efficient when it comes to development helping customers save money on development where possible. At Conficius we specialise in WordPress development having years of experience behind our development team. We create powerful and easy to use custom built websites.


Every project is custom-built in order to match the design that we create or receive from our clients. Our team makes sure that the website is built exactly like the design they received and that it is fully responsive so that users can view the website on any device. With that being said our team builds the website mobile first as recent studies showed that 60% of websites are viewed on mobile devices.


After we build the website, we then take it one step further by offering free training to our clients where they learn how to use WordPress and the website we build for them. This helps the clients to build web knowledge and allows them to do website updates to all the content if they wish to do so. However for clients who do not wish to update components on their website we offer a maintenance package where we do all the content changes for you at any point in time.






Once the website is built it doesn’t mean that the work is finished. At Conficius we offer a website maintenance package in order to update the website code, CMS, plugins and code versions to the latest updates. Many companies don’t update their websites once they are built which is a huge mistake. There are many risks with websites that aren’t maintained. One of the biggest risks is that out of date code, plugins and CMS is a gateway for hackers to enter your website. Once a hacker enters your website this opens you up to a world of trouble therefore maintaining clean and up to date code is key to blocking any hackers out of your website.


Another reason is performance of the site. While we make sure the site is optimised to the best possible point, new code versions release updates which help us optimise websites even more to improve the scores on your website. This is why we recommend that all our clients take the best possible care of the websites and make sure that they are always up to date.

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