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Social Media Management

Social media accounts are one of the best long-term investments a brand can make.
However, using social media optimally takes knowledge of the algorithms and daily trends.
When used right, a brand can grow exponentially and more easily reach it’s target audience.


Whenever a new potential client finds your business online,
they will have an instant overview of what your business is like.
Over time having an online presence can provide an online community of loyal customers.


In addition, it’s the perfect way to monitor your brands’ word of mouth.
In other words, having a solid and frequent online presence is the perfect way to achieve
long-term positive marketing.


It can also be a great way to reach your ideal future employees.

Social Media Management

Smells like content

Like we just explained, having a frequent online presence can help your brand out a lot. Let’s not forget your content should also be of good quality, otherwise it will backfire.
That’s why you should trust a professional (preferably one of ours) to handle your online accounts. How does this work you ask? Every month a team of smart and creative individuals decide what to post about in a way your customer will love your content. Then, they plan it out neatly and deliver a monthly plan before your deadline. You get the final decisions, meaning you decide which posts need updating and which posts get to stay.


When should I post?

It’s a very common question from our customers. The answer will seem rather dumb: you should post whenever your customers turn on their phones and browse their timeline.
Okay smartasses, how do I do that? That’s where we turn on our brains… We like to test some of the posting times and when we’ve gathered enough data, that’s when we pinpoint the perfect posting frequency and timing for you.

How do I grow my social media channels?

We love this question. Obviously every social media channel has an algorithm behind it.
The best way to grow is to recognize what’s being rewarded and use it as our advantage.


Working together with Conficius means you’ll get to understand what’s being rewarded at all times. It will also help you create your own personal brand.
Other than that, it’s very important to create a form of interaction with your followers.


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