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Graphic Design

Sometimes you find an agency that turns your visions and wishes into the visuals you had in mind.
We know that feeling, because it happens at Conficius all the time.


Our agency combines stunning designs with innovative ideas. We provide guidance throughout the creation of your ideal brand.
The science behind it is rather simple, your feedback combined with our creative minds equals the brand of your dreams.


Graphic Design


At Conficius we help our clients brings their visions to life. Whether you already have an idea in mind or you are looking for a creative agency to come up with something completely new Conficius has you covered. We work with clients at all stages of branding. From naming of your business all the way to the launch of your brand. We will be there to guide you through every step of the journey.  Our team will design unique brand concepts and will present you with 3 options to chose from. All the concepts will match you business and the goals you have set. Not only can our team design logos but we also design all brand assets that your business needs. Business cards, coffee cups, t-shirts, printed pens you name it. We are there to take all the design elements off your hands and make your business unique, memorable and most importantly beautiful.



Digital Design

As part of our digital design service we offer designs for all social medias. If you need an advert for Instagram we got you covered, any other social media platform? We are ready to create perfectly sized beautiful designs to match your needs. Our in house marketing team is also there to give advice on how to improve any digital designs in order to help the growth of your business.

Design For print

Our team at Conficius will design any assets that you require for print and digital. As for our print design services, we offer a wide range of services. Anything you need we can design no problem. We will make sure that each design represents your business to the best of our ability and we will put our heart into each design to help you stand out from your competition with powerful and meaningful designs.







Brand Presentation

As part of our graphic design services, brand presentations are key to give our clients a better understanding of what the logo means and the ideas behind the design. This helps clients to build a unique brand and tell a story behind their logo. No matter if it’s staff or a potential client. With our brand presentations you will be able to tell your business story to everyone that matters.

Our experience allows us to bring our disruptive approach to any sector

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