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We make your animations move like jagger.
No but seriously, we make some of the most stunning animations out there.


And why wouldn’t we? The future lies in beautiful animations and art.
We’re there to make sure your clients have something pretty to look at.


What if we told you our animations will help your sales numbers go up.
It’s a crazy promise, we know, but by strategically positioning our designs, your target audience will buy more.
How about that, huh?


Animation Services

As an agency we specialise in animation which bring your pictures to life. There is no better way to tell a story of your business and your goals than through a short and simple animated clip. These clips can be used in many different ways.  Our animation process begins from a short brief with the client where we find our your needs. Following this we design simple storyboards which will set the narrative for the sequence. Once this is complete we will design all the elements and create a beautiful animation which brings the whole story to life. These steps help us to create a smooth path for the project and it helps to make sure that our clients vision becomes a reality.


There is no better way to advertise your business than by creating a beautiful animation. People love watching short videos of products, services and upcoming technology. This is why animations are the perfect way to reach your potential clients and showcase what you got.  At Conficius we have a team of experts who are there to help you design and create a beautiful animation that conveys your business message to all your customers.

Our experience allows us to bring our disruptive approach to any sector

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