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Vilmas Dog Drooming

Vilma approached us with a request to have a logo designed and put on a 3D mock-up. After initial consultation our team had a better understanding of what the client was looking for. This allowed us to go out and gather material that would allow us to create mood boards that best fit the project.


Vilmas Dog Drooming

Services Provided:

Brand Design
Brand Asset

Vilmas Dog Drooming

The Challenge

One of the biggest challenges in this project would be to design a logo that would look great on 2d as well as 3d. Our team created multiple possible designs and communicated with the client. Following a few meetings we agreed on a logo that would be best suited for the business. After that the challenge was to select the right colours as we had decided to change the colours towards the end of the projects to a golden logo.


Brand Asset Design

Following the logo design the client asked us to design brand assets such a business cards. Our team then designed multiple brand assets that could be used by the client. We supplied the correct print ready format to our client so that she could get all the essential items printed.

The Design Process

Our design process began by meeting with the client and getting all the information about what the business is planning to achieve and what the client would like in her logo. Following this our team went out and carried out research into existing material for that business sector. Once all the research was complete we then designed 3 different logos and presented the options to the client. At that point the client asked us to explore another possible path which our team did and the client decided to go with that logo.


Brand Presentation

Our team then proceeded to create a simple brand presentation that the client could use when presenting her business. The brand presentation covers all the brand assets, fonts, colours and the use of the logo in the correct manner.

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