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The Good Cuppa

The Good Cuppa is a local coffee brand that we had the privilege of working with in order to develop a brand from ground up. Conficius worked with The Good Cuppa from the naming process all the way through to logo design and then to brand asset design.


The Good Cuppa

Services Provided:

Brand Design
Brand Asset

The Good Cuppa

Naming Process

Our first task on this project was to come up with a name that best suited the brand. The Good Cuppa asked us to come up with a name that represents a friendly and relatable brand that could build a good relationship with their clients. Our team presented our client with a number of possible options. However, this one stood out the most. Following the name selection out team proceeded to the design stage.


Brand Asset Design

Following the selection of a logo design our team moved onto the next stage which was the brand asset design for the client. We developed mockups for The Good Cuppa that have real world applications. Our team developed multiple assets that match the items the client will use for their brand awareness.

Logo Design

The logo design process was much more of a challenge. The initial logo style the client asked to to try was the rustic, old school barber style of logo. However, after advice from our design team the client decided to go towards a more elegant and clean logo that represents a luxury brand which is affordable to everyone. As a team we took this challenge on to produce a clean and unique brand that captures our clients vision.


Brand Strategy

Our team worked closely with The Good Cuppa in order to develop a brand strategy that would help this start-up grow their business and attract possible client. We advised on action that The Good Cuppa should take going forward and have developed a programme to help the business launch their brand. Following the strategy meeting we agreed additional projects which is to develop a e-commerce website  to allow our client to sell their products.

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